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"Live Simply so others can Simply Live"


“It Takes A Village”

If we allow those words to really sink in and change our thinking, then it will become an automatic response to pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru, volunteer at your local food pantry, or get on a plane and fly halfway around the world to hand a child a soccer ball and watch their little face light up with joy.

This is what Village to Village is all about, this is what we want, and this is why we are here. Village to Village is Christ-centered, compassion-driven, hope-filled people who want change, REAL change in this world, and we believe it can happen!



Village to Village is a Christian non-profit organization that builds relationships here and abroad while providing sustainable resources so that communities in need are able to move towards self-sufficiency.  

Our Projects


Our first trip to Guatemala was in 2013. Ever since then, we have been able to return to Guatemala twice a year. These are a few of the projects we have done:

  • Adopt 2 villages

  • Distribute handmade dresses to children

  • Dedicate 3 clean water wells

  • Multiple feedings at the dump

  • Plant trees in the villages

  • Build a church

  • 2 medical missions

  • Bible studies

  • VBS

  • Paint schools

  • Baby rescues

  • Cover the cost for 2 operations and multiple Dr. visits

  • Water filtration systems

  • Installing stoves



We have taken a couple of planning trips to Moldova in order to prepare to bring a team over. These are a few of the projects we have done in Moldova:

  • Train preschool and after-school staff

  • Train foster parents and volunteers to work with street children

  • Help with a feeding program and transitional home

  • Fix some things at the school in the village in order for them to pass inspection and stay open by the government (build a playground, sidewalk, indoor bathrooms, etc.)

  • Host a camp for children in Carbuna once a year

  • Adopted a foster family and are sponsoring the children


We have traveled to Paraguay twice and are planning our third trip to begin local libraries for children and literacy training.


We have taken one trip to Africa but are focusing on working with an organization that cares for orphans. We are sponsoring their children and helping restock their fish ponds.

Harrisonburg, VA

We partner with Church World Services to set up homes for refugee families new to our community. In addition to setting up homes for the families, we host monthly dinners for the families and have begun teaching cleaning classes.  

refugee dinner.jpeg

Our Story

Village to Village began because of several trips to Guatemala. After realizing that we could adopt villages and provide sustainable resources, we felt like it would be the perfect opportunity to build relationships long term and help communities become self-sufficient.


On one of our first trips to Guatemala, Heidi's mentor challenged her to pray about beginning her own nonprofit. After months of prayer and talking with possible board members, we began Village to Village in May of 2016.


Other than Guatemala, all of our countries have local connections. People that serve on our board or with us in ministry have connected us to the places where we serve. A few years into ministry, we realized that we needed something local and that is where working with the local refugee community began. We feel like this is very similar to what we do internationally.

Our Team.

Our Board.

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