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As a non-profit, we rely on donations to help bring communities in need to self-sufficiency.  We hope you will be proud that we helped move in over 100 refugee families and set up 70 Ukranian families in the past year.  While this is amazing, the work cannot stop as families continue to enter our community.  That's the power of your gift, you're helping provide homes for more families that get them on their way to self-sustainability.  

To Give Via Check: 

Please make checks payable to: Village to Village

Checks can be mailed to: 

P.O. Box 25

Weyers Cave, VA 24486

To Give Via Venmo: 

V2V venmo.jpg

To give via debit or credit card please click below.  

Become a partner with Village to Village with a recurring monthly gift!  Recurring monthly gifts make an immediate and lasting impact! 

Your donations help us do so much good, here are some ways your donation makes a difference


Helps provide needed items in refugee homes like a tea kettle. 



Fills a backpack with needed school supplies for a child. 

cleaning supplies.png


Provides the necessary items to facilitate a cleaning class for each new refugee family. 

move in 2.jpeg


Covers the cost of a refugee family move in to purchase needed items to have their house be ready as a home. 

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