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Family Matters

We recently returned home from Guatemala, home is always an odd word when you see how much of the rest of the world lives.  What their homes are made of, how they cook, clean, what access they have to clean water, fresh food, and medication is much different than ours.  One thing is very much the same with them and most of us.  They have joy.  They are full of laughter and light. I do get a bit jealous when I am in other countries because they do something so much better then I do.  They spend time with each other, they cook and have meals together and talk. Not once a month or once a week but every day! Growing up, Sunday was our meal day with friends.  We never had to wonder if mom would be up early getting things ready for lunch after church.  I did not appreciate this near as much then as I do now.  Why do I not move to make this a habit when I know how good it is?  Usually, it's because life is too busy, but I have allowed that.  I need to change that.  It's much easier said than done.  The things that keep me busy are good, but I need a better balance. We are in the midst of Lent Season.  I don't always give something up for Lent but a conversation in our life group the day before Ash Wednesday made me realize I needed to practice what I know God is asking me.  We talked about how often we are on our phones, computers, and not being relational.  It's not often my husband and I go on dates but when we do we are on our phones, not engaged with each other.  I don't like this about myself, we are missing out on doing for others on an hourly basis.  So I am trying for a few days to slow down, read more, have a conversation, and be still.  This year I am giving up Facebook and Instagram for my personal things.  I still have to do posts and keep up with the nonprofit but I don't need to be on it for hours watching what others are doing. I want my life to be different.  Not just when I am in other countries or in the midst of ministry but daily with those closest to me.  Time with God would also look different if I did not feel the need to see what others are in the midst of and concentrate on my time and my relationship with God.  How sad must He be when I choose to look at my phone instead of talking with Him.  It has to stop.  I have to make all my relationships mean more than social media.  It's hard.  I'm not sure why, but it is. I would encourage you to do something different today.  Even if only for a day, make the time you have with your family and friends count.

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