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Seasons Change

"It's just a season, it will pass."

I find myself saying this much more often these days to others and myself. I want to enjoy every season of life, the amazing and the hard, but I would much rather stay in the great seasons.

It has been over a year since Village to Village has been able to travel. Being able to love on the people we work with and families we invest in is my heartbeat. Not being able to see them and only being able to email or zoom our partners has been tough. But God is in the details. As we knew we would be homebound for a while, we began to search for ways to minister that still met the needs of those we do life with locally and around the world. And did God ever expand our territory!

We are in our sixth year of ministry with a brand new local outreach of setting up homes for refugee families moving to our country. We are working through how to teach English to those in all the countries we work in. God has given us a permanent warehouse space at no cost to the ministry. He knew we would need this space to facilitate the things we started to do this past year. We have started new small businesses to help offset our ministry costs. In doing all of this, we are investing in others locally and have new support from around the world because we have had to do so much more online, where everyone can see. God is good, all the time. I also have a new grandbaby so that has brought unbelievable joy into our lives!

I want to not only share how God is in all of Village to Village's details, but He is also in yours! I feel like we have had a year filled with uncertainties, sadness, and questions but it really is just a season. It will pass. God has the most amazing things for you if you can just trust His timing and rest in His love.

I have a tattoo on my wrist, I put it there so I would see it every single day! It's three rhinos. Rhinos can only see 20 to 25 feet ahead, but they can run 30 miles an hour! They are basically running blind. They have no idea what is ahead but it doesn't slow them down. When you are unsure of what is around the corner, just keep going and take the next step. God knows and has already made a plan for your life so don't fear what you cannot see. His plans are always better than ours.

We are in our sixth year of ministry building relationships, training, providing, and doing. A year literally on the ground! But it's a new season, I will be heading to Guatemala with two board members in less than a month. We will be able to, once again, be with our family abroad, hear what they need to become self-sufficient, love on them and learn from them. Our goal is to head to Moldova in the fall. We can't take teams yet but we are getting back to doing what we feel called to do, probably better than we did before the pandemic.

If we as an organization and as individuals will learn from the hard seasons, it always makes the good seasons better. It makes us better.

I've attached pictures from our first trip to Guatemala where God so clearly gave me a heart for others in a different way. I would not change anything, even the hardest of days, because we are who we are now because of all the experiences.

We love getting to know you and providing new ways for those around the country to be a part of Village to Village. This year we are doing the 6 Fix, a program where we are asking you to live a little more simply for one year to provide resources for our ministry over this next year. $6 a week for one year is life-changing for those we work with and for Village to Village. God has taught us how to do ministry on very little so that when I live simply, others can simply live. My giving up lunch 5 days a week allows children who have no food to be able to eat, get an education and receive medical help. If you would be willing to join our 6 Fix for one year, head to and click on "GIVE". You can sign up for monthly recurring donations there.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Maybe one season you can get on a plane with us to meet our family abroad.

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