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Living life with a Rhino's Vision

Some moments are hard.  Some days are hard.  Some years are hard.  How do we live this life of knowing in our hearts that God has a plan yet having to wait, wonder, and stay focused in the midst of the unknown?  We do it through the vision of a Rhino. I run a very young nonprofit.  Our goal is to live simply so others can simply live.  We are passionate about investing in one person at a time because we know to that one person what we do can change their life.  But funding is always the hard part.  Just because I am passionate about it does not mean everyone else around me is.  God has given us a vision for the future, we know it's from Him.  We have stepped out in faith but now is the season of waiting.  It's hard.  There is nothing more we can do, we have prayed until we no longer know the words to use and we have done all we can to move forward and share what God has placed on our hearts with others. There have been other seasons of waiting in my life.  When I was dating the person I thought I would marry and it fell apart.  Then meeting the man I would marry, have a family with and be the perfect support system I need.  Not knowing if we would be able to have children, tracking temperatures, doctor visits, medications, and disappointments.  Then having two healthy pregnancies and precious children.   The business I felt God call me to that fell apart and took a lot of our financial security with it.  The physical issues that took years to diagnose.  The major surgery that caused me to stop life for a short season.  The vision of a Rhino comes into all of this.  It resonates so much with my life that I have it tattooed on my wrist so that I can see it every day.  A rhino can run 30 miles an hour but it can only see 20 feet ahead.  They are in the top five animals with the worst vision yet a herd of Rhinos is called a crash because of how powerful they are.  A rhino is going to charge ahead regardless of what they can or can not see.  I want my life to be that way.  I want to trust God enough to move forward when I can not see clearly.  His plans are perfect, He can see when I can not and His vision is all I need.  So as I wait on what God has planned for Village to Village I can be assured it is better than I ever imagined and it's just beyond what I can clearly see at the moment.  Do not get distracted while you are waiting.  You will have an amazing story to share when it's over.  You will be closer to God because of the process.  And you will be stronger having experienced this season. 

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