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Bringing Change

As Americans, we take so much for granted.  The car we drive to the job we get paid for. The cup of coffee we enjoy in a heated coffee shop on a cold day. The store we go to purchase anything from clothes to food, to towels or home decor. The food we have on our tables each day (many times being thrown out because we don't like leftovers). The clean water we drink. The schools our children attend beginning at the age of 5 through 18 at no cost, where teachers are paid to invest in our children, nurses are there to take care of our children, cooks are there to feed our children. That may be normal in the United States but it's not in many other areas of our world.  If we own a car we are in the top 30% of the wealthiest people in the world.  If we can purchase a cup of specialty coffee or tea, we are spending what some people earn in one week. One week! While we sit in a warm shop or our homes, an estimated 79% of people have no electricity and rely on wood or charcoal as their source of energy.  While we can run into one store to purchase multiple things we need, other people spend hours going from market to market to find just a few things on their shopping list. Many times essential items are not even available.  We have an abundance of food, everything you can imagine, while many live on rice and beans cooked over an open fire with smoke filling their lungs and bringing sickness. The water they desperately need is full of bacteria that bring harm and sometimes death.  Many schools run from ages 7 to 16.  Students must wear uniforms they have to buy, have supplies they need to purchase, and school fees that they need to pay or they can not attend.   It all seems overwhelming when we look at how we can make a difference in a world that is so upside down financially, but we have found one very sweet, simple way to allow children to return to school in countries where it's not a right but a privilege.  We have families that have chosen to give so others can have, just $30 a month per child allows the school to become part of their lives.  It brings hope; it brings change.  Is there anything you could do differently in your life to bring change in another's life? We have children that still need sponsors on our website -  Would you consider praying and trusting God in something new?

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