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A Dangerous Life is a Good Life

Today is my second day of self-quarantine.  Our team had to return from Moldova earlier than expected and now we need to stay in our homes for two weeks.   It's been quite an eventful week.  As we registered with the state department before we left, there were no indications that we should not leave.  During our layover in Austria, we started to realize something was happening as we heard that we may not be able to get into Moldova.  During our 1st day in Moldova, our team heard there was a ban in the United States for those traveling from Europe.  Throughout the four days we were there, it seemed like hourly news was coming about airports closing, bans beginning, and stores at home running out of the basics because people were so fearful.  There were many calls to the Embassy in Moldova, airline carriers, and family. In the midst of all of the chaos, we had no fear.  Not once did we think we were in danger.  The question we continually asked was, "What is the worst thing that could happen?".  Most every answer was not life-altering.  We would have to return home before even getting to Moldova, we may have to stay in Moldova for a month, we would need to be quarantined for several weeks when we did return home, we could have the virus and have to be home for more time than we first thought.  And lastly, we could get the virus and die, meaning we would instantly be in the arms of Jesus.  As a Christ-follower isn't that our ultimate goal anyway?   I have learned over the past few weeks that prayer is much more powerful then we think.  How can we serve a God, say we trust Him, yet live in fear of this virus?  I may be missing something but I don't understand how we can be His children and not trust Him as we did our parents when we were children.  I still remember as an adult going to my parent's house and simply feeling safe. They had been my security for so many years. They had protected me, prayed over me and loved me.  If I could feel that safe with them how much more should I with my Heavenly Father? My favorite Author is Mark Batterson.  His books have allowed me to see a different way to communicate with my Heavenly Father, how to pray bold prayers, that our giving shows what our priorities are, and that God did not die to keep us safe but to make us dangerous.   I have learned and prayed that all Christians remember if Jesus is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all.  It's all or nothing.   As you process things happening around you and around the world, know that God has gone before us.  He has not forgotten or forsaken us.  Rest in His loving arms.  He wants nothing more then to be your safe place.  Sometimes the most dangerous situations where He places us are the safest because He is with us. The world needs us to bring comfort and peace into the fear.  We have to be the light in this dark time.  This is what we were made for.  Imagine if we, as Christ-followers, brought the peace of God into our circle.  It would be life-changing for those around us.   From Not Safe by Mark Batterson, "When you look back on your life, the greatest moments will be the moments you weren't safe.  It's as true today as it was the day Abraham placed Isaac on the altar, the day Jonathan climbed a cliff to fight the Philistines, and the day Peter got out of the boat and walked on water”.

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