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It Takes a Village

Village to Village is a Christian non-profit organization that builds relationships here and abroad while providing sustainable resources so that communities in need are able to move towards self-sufficiency.  

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We are thrilled to announce the purchase of Bargain Hive, a move that will enhance our local and international impact. To make this vision a reality, we need your support!
Our goal is to raise $150,000 over the next year to pay off the business and fund our relocation. By contributing, you'll help us continue our mission of serving others while living simply.
Donate today and be a part of this exciting journey!
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Live Simply so others can Simply Live

If we allow those words to really sink in and change our thinking, then it will become an automatic response to pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru, volunteer at your local food pantry, or get on a plane and fly halfway around the world to hand a child a soccer ball and watch their little face light up with joy.​

This is what Village to Village is all about, this is what we want, and this is why we are here. Village to Village is Christ-centered, compassion-driven, hope-filled people who want change, REAL change in this world, and we believe it can happen!

Our Mission

As a Christian non-profit, our mission is to forge meaningful relationships both locally and internationally, offering sustainable resources to communities in need. We are dedicated to empowering these communities to achieve self-sufficiency, fostering a path towards a brighter, self-reliant future.

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Where We Serve

Village to Village is currently serving in over 4 international countries as well as here at Home in the United States. Our adopted villages range from the Ukraine to The Democratic Republic of Congo within the Kasai Oriental Province.


Our Journey

Village to Village, established in May 2016, originated from a visit to Guatemala, sparking the idea to adopt villages and provide sustainable support. Founded by Heidi under mentorship guidance and with a committed board, the organization focuses on long-term community empowerment, extending its reach from Guatemala to global and local initiatives, including support for the local refugee community.

From upcoming Village Closet Boutique Hours to Local Fundraisers

Our Upcoming Events

Stay up to date with our upcoming events so that you can be involved in helping us serve the community and beyond.

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