Sponsorships cost $30 a month. This money helps the children attend school, have food and medical care just like our other sponsor kids. 100% of your money goes to the child, we do not take any percentage. If you have an interest in sponsoring a specific child, please email Heidi Dove at hdove67@gmail.com.

This is Elodie Angel (girl) from Congo. 
Moldovan Foster Family

Village to Village met this couple at a foster care training session a few years ago. We reconnected with them after seeing some of the boys from Carbuna, a village that we work with, were living with them.

To further their education, youth have to move into the city which is not always possible when you live in a village. One way to do this is moving into foster care.

This family fosters 12 children, helping them with education and teaching them about financial responsibility. They are clothing them, feeding them and providing housing for all 12 children.

The cost per child is $100/month and Village to Village is offering sponsorships of whatever you would like to give towards this family.

Sponsorships can range from $5-$200.

For more information, visit info.Village2Village@gmail.com




Elokoloko Jean from Congo

Elokoloko Jean is being sponsored in honor of Sarah Brungard who found herself in the arms of Jesus on July 4, 2019 from a tragic auto accident. Sarah’s love for children, dancing and singing will forever be remembered. Our prayers are that Elokoloko grows up loving the Lord as much as Sarah did.

Domi Marcus.jpg

Marcus & Domi from Moldova

These two boys live with their mom and dad in Moldova. They have had to move many times because of poor conditions in the apartments that they lived in. With all of the work that we are putting into the Dream Village, this family will be the first to receive a brand new home!

Marcus Domi.jpg

Melanie & Angel from Guatemala

These two are brother and sister. They live in a village in the middle of Guatemala with their young mother. Their father is a police officer in the city so is gone most of the time. Their home only has 2 rooms. One of the rooms is the kitchen and living room while the other room is where they all sleep.


Damaris Family from Moldova

We sponsor the two older siblings and one adopted child.  This sweet family adopted their nephew after his mother passed away.  As hard as it is to manage life in Moldova with three children they willingly took in a fourth to raise and love.  They are simply trusting God to meet their needs.  We are more then grateful to be able to help them along the way.